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Felix, a good friend of mine and passionate professional gardener asked me to design a tiny house for him.

The trick: He wants to realize it in a garden lot, without any building permissions. The only allowed building type is one non residential, 20 cubic meter shed.

In 20 cubic meters doesn’t fit too much, so we focused on:

As the tiny house needed to be as cheap as possible, we went for waste material. Not to forget the grey energy that was saved by making this decision. The main (frame) material is wood, insulation could come from newspaper flocs, wood fiber or waste wool and the weather sealing is done with upcycled used tetra pak cardboards.

Initially we planned to build the tiny house in summer 2017, right after the hand in of this master thesis. But circumstances changed and it never got realized - yet! I’m looking forward to implement such a project in other contexts and feel free to write an email if you have questions.

building process

I taped a 1:1 floor plan on the floor to make it visible how small the area is. Additionally I had a 1:20 and a 1:200 model made from scrap materials in the workshop. The thesis book is handmade from fabriano paper and scrap paper from the university as envelope. I used a swiss binding/brochure for better haptics. You can find my thesis book as PDF here. For the different seasons in the garden, click here and for detailed plans and renderings click here.